1400 Inverse Problems, Optimization and Design

1401 Emerging topology and shape optimization techniques in computational design of materials and structures, Ahmad Najafi, Kai James and Graeme Kennedy

1402 Complex fluid flows in engineering: Modeling, simulation, and optimization, Fabian Key, Marek Behr and Stefanie Elgeti

1403 New trends in topology optimization, Emilio Carlos Nelli Silva, Glaucio Paulino, Shelly Zhang, Daniel De Leon, Renato Picelli and Shinji Nishiwaki

1405 Advances in material model calibration for computational solid mechanics, Daniel Seidl, Coleman Alleman, John Emery and Craig Hamel

1406 Topology optimization for additively manufactured metamaterials and structures, Zhan Kang

1407 Large-scale structural and fluidic topology optimization, Mingdong Zhou, Joe Alexandersen and Junji Kato

1408 Design beyond optimization: Why, what if, and how much?, Andrei Klishin, Greg van Anders, Chrisy Xiyu Du and Xiaojia Shelly Zhang

1409 Applications of shape optimization in complex engineering problems, Jorge-Luis Barrera and Mathias Schmidt