Short Courses

The following short courses are being offered as a pre-congress activity at WCCM-PANACM 2024:

  • All short courses will take place on Sunday, July 21, 2024 at the Vancouver Convention Center, where the congress will be held.
  • The fee for each short course is $250. A continental breakfast, lunch, and afternoon break will be provided.
  • The exact location and beginning/starting times will be made available at a later date.
  • You may register for a short course while registering for the congress. If you wish to add a short course later, you may do so by contacting us at
  • Short courses that do not have sufficient enrollment (under 5) by June 15 will be cancelled. If you register for one that is cancelled, you will be refunded the registration fee for that course.
  • Click on the title of each short course below for more information.
Number Title Instructor(s)
W24-01 Modeling, Discretization, Optimization, and Simulation of Phase-Field Fracture Problems Thomas Wick
W24-02 CANCELLED: Peridynamic Theory of Solid Mechanics Modleing, Computation, and Applications

Pabo Seleson, John Foster, David Littlewood

W24-03 Fundamental Principles of Multiphysics Modeling Christopher Nahed
W24-04 Peridynamic Modeling of Fracture and Damage: Fast Solvers and Material Models at Different Scales

Florin Bobaru and Ziguang Chen

W24-05 Scientific Machine Learning: Application to Computational Mechanics Rajeev Jaiman, Romit Maulik, Gianmarco Megaldo
W24-06 Research on Convergence and Optimal Parameters of Inertial Relaxed LBM for Fluid and Solid Simulations Guangcai Gong, Ziche Gong, Yuan Lei
W24-07 Automated Model DIscovery Ellen Kuhl, Skyler St. Pierre, Mathias Peirlinck, Kevin Linka
W24-08 Coupling Simulation Codes using preCICE Gerasimos Chourdakis, Ishaan Desai,

Geometric Mechanics Formulations and Structure Preserving Discretizations: An Introductory Course

Christopher Eldred, Marc Gerritsma, Artur Palha
W24-10 Computing the Output Only Modal Analysis Viet-Hung Vu
W24-11 Training and Deploying Physics-Based and Machine Learning Interatomic Potentials for Advanced Materials Applications Ilia Nikiforov and Amit Gupta
W24-12 Machine Learning for Solid Mechanics WaiChing Sun, JS Chen, Nikolaos Vlassis, Qizhi He