W24-03 Fundamental Principles of Multiphysics Modeling

Instructor(s):  Christopher Nahed, French Atomic and Alternative Energies Commission


Multiphysics modelling and simulation is ubiquitous in modern day computational engineering. In fact, most modern computational softwares pride themselves in their multiphysics simulation capacities. However, running complex simulations without a correct understanding of the fundamental principles of multiphysics modelling can be problematic. Indeed, numerous issues related to the physical realism of the multiphysics model, the precision of the numerical solution, calculation convergence, calculation performance due to coupling strategies etc... can quickly overwhelm the computational engineer/scientist. Thus, this course is designed to go over the fundamental principales of multiphysics modelling and will introduce to interested participants the physical and mathematical tools that are needed to confidently perform multiphysics simulations. The course will go over the following concepts: a) Dimensional Analysis; b) Basics of Perturbation Theory, Justifying Modelling Hypotheses; c) Dimensionless Analysis; d) Multiphysics Modelling Using Fundamental Physical Laws; e) Multiphysics Simulation Tools; f) Ensuring Simulation Precision and Accuracy.