W24-08 Coupling Simulation Codes using preCICE

Instructor(s):  Gerasimos Chourdakis,  Technical University of Munich; Ishaan Desai, University of Stuttgart; Benjamin Rodenberg, Technical University of Munich


The preCICE coupling library (https://precice.org/) allows to build complex multi-physics and multi-scale simulations by reusing existing simulation software. The preCICE ecosystem includes ready-to-use integrations for OpenFOAM, deal.II, FEniCS, Nutils, CalculiX, SU2, and more, while the minimally-invasive library approach allows to couple new codes with minimal effort, using the high-level API in C++, C, Fortran, Python, Julia, or Matlab. Common application examples include fluid-structure interaction and conjugate heat transfer, while a large community is nowadays using preCICE for a wide range of applications spanning from biomedical and aerospace to energy and ice sheet simulations. A dedicated preCICE Minisymposium at the conference will showcase some examples.

This hands-on training course, normally offered in the yearly preCICE workshops in Germany, will introduce users to the basic concepts of preCICE and let the participants couple two simple Python-based codes from scratch. Participants will also learn useful tools for configuration, post-processing, and debugging of coupled simulations. Finally, participants will explore advanced coupling algorithms and further unique features of preCICE in a conjugate heat transfer scenario, coupling OpenFOAM and Nutils.

Live USB sticks with preCICE and all other necessary tools for the course will be available, as well as a virtual machine image as an alternative. Besides a laptop, no further preparation is required.